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K Jay Photos Photography specializes in professional headshots. Fun, easy and quick mini session that will capture your beauty utilizing professional photography lights and techniques to showcase you at your best. Contact from below.

Should you wear professional makeup for photos?

Having your make up done by a professional makeup artist can still look natural and give you flawless skin. Not only will it make you look like a million bucks, but also will give you the confidence in front of the camera. After all, the best thing you can wear on your face is a confident expression and it all starts with a professional makeup artist. K Jay Photos suggests MakeUp by Francesca out of Middleton, WI for all of your hair and make up needs prior to your scheduled photoshoot. You won't be disappointed. 608-395-8164 [email protected]   

What kind of makeup should I wear for a photoshoot?

I always recommend that you wear your make up to look natural but enhancing your eyes, cheeks and lips. Avoiding shine by using a pressed natural powder and lip gloss. If you decide to do your own makeup, you can visit some of the local stores like Ulta or Sephora to help match up skin tones with product and offer suggestions that would be ideal for you.

Let me answer your questions to help prepare your face for a photoshoot.

Feel free to reach out with more questions prior to your professional photography session. I would love to help answer them and interviewed MakeUp by Francesca, see Q&A below. In addition, after you reserve your professional senior photo session, we will send you a welcome letter with helpful tips and information to help you prepare for the day. 


















Q&A from MakeUp Specialist Francesca

Will you come to our location, or do you have a location?

Typically clients go to their studio for makeup services. Upon request, makeup artists will travel to your site for an additional travel fee. Francesca will ensure that her clients have the best possible experience.

Can Professional Makeup look Natural?

Yes! It is what Francesca does best. Per each client's request, she can achieve looks ranging from very natural to full glam. Making each client look like the most perfected versions of themselves, so that their natural beauty shines brightest in their photos.

Can professional Makeup cover blemishes or scarring while keeping it natural?

We asked Francesa this question and she said "The skin and foundation application is my favorite part of each makeup service. I am passionate about making your foundation look amazing while feeling light and comfortable throughout your entire event. Glowing skin is always in style.

What prep is needed before professional makeup is applied?

Arrive with a clean face. Feel free to finish your skincare routine at home with a moisturizer, but leave all of the makeup applications to the professional. Ensure your hair is clean (day old is preferred) and dry for any styling services.

How long do hair and makeup services take

For most clients these services take about 1 hour, however your desired look and length of hair can vary and may require additional time. For photo sessions that include changing your look or that take place outdoors, hair and makeup touch ups may be required. In event that your photography session requires touch ups, Francesca offers the opportunity all day makeup perfection by staying on site for your entire shoot.

Take the opportunity to celebrate graduating into the next phase of life, an exciting milestone for high school seniors. Whether you are seeking a very natural polish or full glam photos, you will enter your photography session as the best version of yourself if you have professional makeup done prior to your session.