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Add a Sports Composite or Digital Effects to your favorite Senior Pictures by K Jay Photos Photography.

KJay Photos, Photography is now offering Composite Options and Digital Effects to their senior portrait sessions. Let us know when reserving your session if you are interested in this upgradable option so we can plan on capturing your senior's passions for sports. Whether it be football, basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, swimming, softball, baseball, dance, track, cheerleading... KJay Photos can create a unique custom sports composite for you to cherish for years to come. So often our high school seniors have been participating in sport since they were able to walk so want to capture that passion which has been a major part of their childhood.

For more information on Composite click here. This new optional includes:

A real keepsake that will remind you of the many rides to/from practice, tournaments, games and fun memories along the way.
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