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Instructions to order photos if you did NOT complete an advanced order:

1. Enlarge photo you want to order.
2. Click the Buy button above photo.
3. Choose Prints.
4. Choose desired size for photo (Best Fit shows photos that will print best just as seen).
5. Enter quantity.
6. Add to Shopping Cart.
7. Preview and Configure to see where the photo will crop.
8. Continue Buying additional prints to save on shipping and follow instructions above.
9. Go to Shopping Cart and add shipping/billing information.
10. Rest assure before you photos print, they will come to me and I will make sure each are cropped correctly and then approve your order.
11. Photos arrive to your home within a week:) Simple as that!

Instructions for those that DID completed an advanced order. Your pricing is lower so you will want to submit the photos you want printed to [email protected]. If you could identify the photo thumbnail number and folder name that the photo is found in along with what size you want that photo printed from your advance order and email to [email protected]. Ex. 2012 Competition Individual Photos #42 as a 5x7. I will then process your order and your photos will arrive within 3-5 business days. ALL ADVANCED ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE 5/20/12 to KJAY PHOTOS or your photos will be selected by the photographer with the Spotlight's assistance.
Call with questions to 608-850-4850:)

Thanks so much!
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